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Friday, October 26, 2012

Brides and Two Year Olds Share Personality Traits

I was reading The Grey Blog where the author talks about her 2 1/2 year old manipulating her, and in general making mommy-dom not much fun! When I realized I hear mother's of the bride often saying the exact same things!

"I am being overcome by an entity greater, stronger, more manipulative, and more cunning than even I. This entity drains me of my physical energy, mental faculties, and patience."

Does the quote above sound like your daughter who is planning her wedding? About five, six months before the wedding and stress has hit. And her ability to manipulate you has become better than ever before! How did this happen?  You made it through toddlerhood, teenage years, college even, but planning a wedding is taking all your guile to outwit the stranger you used to recognize as your daughter.

Maybe you are just getting older and less able to stay ten steps ahead. Or maybe her hormones are going crazy and with it and she has gotten a super power. No, not flying, not leaping buildings in a single bound, no your adult daughter who is acting like a two year old has become Monster Bride! Able to manipulate mother with one hand behind her back and seemingly effortlessly.

If you have a Monster Bride at your house, you have my sympathies. So think back to when she was going through the 'terrible twos' and pull out the tricks of the trade that worked for you then, some of them may serve you well as you try to survive being the Mother of the Bride!

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