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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make Wedding Invitations Uniquely Yours

Want some eye-catching envelopes for your correspondence or wedding invitations? Looking for help lining envelopes? Visit The Persian Laundry on Etsy. They will sell you the liners or will line them for you.
You can design liners and line envelopes as a do it yourself project, but it is time consuming and it may be worth it to you to just order the liners and/or have The Persian Laundry line yours for you.
This look is not for every bride but I know there are some of you who will love it. Other looks available from The Persian Laundry? Envelopes lined with world maps and other designs that may fit your wedding theme.
If you are making your own liners, consider using wallpaper. There are a variety of designs, one that is sure to fit your personal style. (Of course you may never get out of the wallpaper store, there are thousands of choices!) If you are planning on picking out wallpaper, have an idea what you are looking for going in, it will cut your time searching for just the right paper.
Whether you do it yourself or have The Persian Laundry do it for you, lining your envelopes can give your wedding invitations a custom look that reflects your own personality. Think of it as a precursor to decorating your first home, but a much smaller project (and a lot easier to undo if you don't like it!)

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