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Friday, January 29, 2010

Making Your Own Bird Seed Bags

So, your wedding location will let you throw birdseed, but you don't want to pay someone to provide these for you? Directions for making your own as simple and easy to do. You and your bridesmaids or family can easily make an evening out of it and have fun at the same time.
To make wedding birdseed bags start with small throw pouches made of tulle. Pre-made pouches for birdseed can be purchased in a variety of colors at your local Party City or other party planning store. Or make your own tulle throw pouches, these can be made in tulle matching the wedding colors or just from rainbow pastels. They birdseed bags should measure about 3” x 4”. Close them at the top with a drawstring in a matching or coordinating color. You can make your own custom blend of seeds for birds in your area or just buy a bag of generic seed from the food or hardware store. You might want to use a funnel to put the seed into the bag. Now break out the wine! Info from:


Jaycee said...

You can use lavendar if your venue doesn't let you throw birdseed.

Connnie said...

thanks jaycee, good point!

Gaby said...