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Friday, January 22, 2010

So You Want To Have A Candy Buffet?

A candy buffet can be both beautiful and budget friendly by following a few simple guidelines:
  1. Use more smaller containers rather than a few very large containers. It looks like more candy and you can have more choices for your guests.
  2. Plan ahead. Check with your venue and see if they provide containers for candy buffets. With more and more brides wanting this extra many venues will supply containers for your use.
  3. Buy your candy in bulk. A search on the web for bulk candy suppliers will save you cash and gas! Consider shopping at your warehouse club for bulk candy as well.
  4. Choose candy that is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Choose colors that compliment your decor and it will look like the buffet was done by a professional.
  5. Scatter flowers or flower petals along the table where the buffet is located. This fills in some of the empty space and draws the eye to the buffet.
  6. Provide containers for your guests to put their candy in. Small Chinese take-out containers work well for this purpose and the candy becomes your wedding favor. One that every guest young or old will enjoy.
  7. Keep it safe! Please do not put candles on the candy buffet.
  8. And please, provide scoops so your guests can easily remove candy from your jars or bowls.
  9. Consider the weather when choosing your candy selections. You don't want melted chocolate decorating your guests.
  10. Don't go overboard when buying your candy. Consider the size of the box or container to be filled and buy candy amounts accordingly. Some snacking during the reception is almost inevitable, so plan that into your candy buying budget or don't put out the candy until closer to the end of your reception.


Serena said...

Good tips!

Connnie said...

All the details! Now I know why people hire someone to do their candy buffet!

LilaB said...

Great ideas!