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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Wedding Crazies

As your wedding day gets closer you're going to start experiencing what I call the 'wedding crazies.' What? You never heard of wedding crazies? Wedding crazies are when the bride or groom gets an insane idea at the last minute about changing the wedding. They usually involve the outlay of large sums of cash and great embarassment after the fact. Wedding crazies don't just happen to brides. The groom and the mothers of the bride and groom are equally prone to them. Wedding crazies are when you want to run away to Vegas and let Elvis marry you even though you paid a small fortune for your reception and church. You're having wedding crazies if you are on your third dress, and you ordered the last two thee weeks before the wedding. Wedding crazies are when you decide you need six chocolate fountains, just in case. Feel free to post your examples of wedding crazies. If you haven't been there yet, your time may come.


caro said...

my sister in law (sorry Darla) had major wedding crazies! She changed her dress, the tuxes and the MENU one month before the wedding! All I have to say is it's a good thing she has plenty of cash to spare! Thank god she left the bridesmaids dresses alone since there was NO WAY i was buying another dress!

Serena said...


Connnie said...

Wonder what wards off the wedding crazies? kind of like crosses and vampires?