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Friday, January 22, 2010

So You Want to Rent A Photo Booth?

Whoever would have thought that the photo booth would become so popular at wedding receptions? My memories of photo booths are from amusement parks as a child and I'm sure you all have your own, but I'll bet all those memories are happy ones. Maybe this is why they've become so popular at special events like weddings. A photo booth can record the myriad of expressions on the faces of your wedding guests. You can see their joy, their silly faces, your little brother sneaking a kiss, and all the other silly things people do when they are behind that curtain! Photographers practice for years to capture just the emotions that the photo booth captures with ease. Many photo booth rentals offer you a CD of all the photos taken at your wedding. Many companies allow you to personalize the outside of the photo booth to match your wedding theme or personalities. Sometimes you can rent a television to run the photos during your wedding. Of course all this adds to the cost of your photo booth. Most companies require a minimum rental of four hours, and that will allow you time to capture the expressions on all your guests faces. You can print color or black and white photos and some booths are digital. So if you're ready to take the plunge why not add a photo booth to your special day?


Connnie said...

Love photobooths! Wish they had an option like Jay Leno's that talks! lol

Gaby said...

Ty, I love these things, remember them from when i was a kid at the zoo!

LilaB said...

Wow! I love these things! They're a kick!