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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bubbles, Rice, Confetti or Birdseed?

Bubbles, rice, confetti or birdseed are just a few of the choices a bride has for her guests to shower the new couple with as they leave their wedding ceremony. But each has its drawbacks.

I'll never forget a wedding I went to where the bride handed us bottles of bubbles. None of them would open due to a problem with the plastic lids. Finally someone used a pen knife to open them but it was a sticky mess. If you're going to go with bubbles provide some wet wipes for your guests' hands.  Also you have to worry about being sure the bottles all get thrown out and not littered at the ceremony site.

Many churches don't want you to throw rice or birdseed, it sprouts. They don't have the staff to be pulling up 'weeds' for the next several months. Or they have to have someone clean it up. Confetti has its own drawbacks. You have to sweep it up and it leaves a mess especially if it's wet outside. Biodegradable confetti might be a good choice.

So, no matter what your choice, be a considerate bride, delegate someone to be sure the area is cleared up after you leave.

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Connnie said...

decisions, decisions, decisions...