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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Make Your Own Favors

The new product courtesy of William-Sonoma is a cookie cutter that lets you add a message to your cookie. To purchase this product online go to:
The link also includes a DIY video and information on where to get the recipe for your cookies.  The cost for the cookie cutters (you get three, one heart, one star, and one rectangle) complete with three sets of alphabets plus some commonly used words all for $19.95.  You can add the names of the bride and groom, messages of love, marriage or whatever works for you.  This is a great product for the DIY bride.


LilaB said...

like the idea of making my own cookies, but not these.

NestaS said...

i agree w/lila, i like the pretty iced cookies better

Nancy said...

Figured I'd offer everyone an option, these are great for the not so crafty out there but who still want to DIY.