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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ten Tips For Planning Your Beach Wedding

More and more brides are opting for a unique locale for their weddings. One of the hottest choices(in more ways than one) is the beach. Surf, sun, sand, and true love? What could be better! If you keep the following top ten tips in mind your day may be a non-traditional day but it will be a fun-filled celebration.
  1. Choose a theme for you day. Whether it's a ceremony on the sand followed by a crab bake or barbecue or a more traditional catered affair the theme will make it uniquely yours.
  2. Plan for inclement weather! Do have an alternative if you day dawns pouring rain! A tent or an indoor location will save the day. If possible consider wedding insurance. The cost is minimal compared to having to cancel a wedding and reception.
  3. A beach wedding is meant to be more casual than a traditional wedding. Choose a dress that won't drag in the sand and go barefoot or wear foot jewelry instead of shoes. Your groom can wear a more casual look as well.
  4. Have chairs for your guests. No matter how old your guests are, having a chair to sit down will make them more comfortable.
  5. Choose a time of day with a great view! The middle of the afternoon doesn't make for the best pictures. Try for a spectacular sunset as the backdrop for your vows and reception. Or get married as the sun comes up and offer your guests an imaginative breakfast reception.
  6. Don't try to use candles on the beach! You'll only be disappointed as the wind blows them out over and over. Unity candles are difficult, if not impossible to use outside. A sand ceremony where you blend sand from two different containers into one will match your beach theme. You can keep it as a memento of your day if you pour the sand into a beautiful glass bottle.
  7. Set an arch up on the beach and decorate it with flowers or greenery appropriate for the beach. Some municipalities have gazebos by the beach that work well for the location of your wedding ceremony.
  8. Be sure to get permits and clearances from the township. Some places will not let you have fires or torches on the beach.
  9. Face your guests while you take your vows. This will give you great pictures against that spectacular sunset or sunrise. And while the officiant is important, your guests really want to see you exchange your vows, not the officiant presiding over them. Also remember you'll be outside, there won't be any microphones, so speak up when you say your vows.
  10. Set up a web page dedicated to your day. This is a good way to let guests know casual attire is appropriate and what activities you have planned for the reception. Many guests have never been to a non-traditional wedding, so make it a stress free day for them too.

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