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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art Deco and Art Nouveau Wedding Cakes

Is your wedding in an old fashioned art deco building? Then this art deco wedding cake is perfect for you! The combination of metallic and pearls and the linear look on the cake will wow your guests.
 The link for wasn't working when I posted this, so I hope it's back up soon. Just in case they move things around, just run a search on their site for "art deco wedding cake" and you should be able to find it once they finish their 'renovations.'
Martha Stewart also gets into the Art Deco look with angles and arches making the cake!  You can always count on Martha to give you a cake that rocks!
Art Nouveau Wedding Cake
This cake, the prettiest of the group, was inspired by the fashions of the early 20th century. This cake was inspired by the jeweled insect pins popularized at the turn of the 20th century. 
This cake is made  from royal icing, gold luster dust, and edible pearls. The enchanted-forest backdrop provides the perfect perch for the two delicate sugary dragonflies.
No cake topper is needed. This cake's dragonflies represent the bride and groom.

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