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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cool Shoes - For Your Wedding

High Heel Nike Dunks
Want comfort with kick a$$ style? Why not wear these high heel Nike Dunks on your feet instead of some fancy pumps or sandals? They come in all colors and designs. Head over to Nike's page where they are ON SALE! Yes, you heard me right, ON SALE! My two favorite words!
These silver heels are my personal favorites. They give a nod to tradition by being metallic and not neon colors, but they have the boot look of all the other 'cool' Nike Dunk Heels.
Having a black and white wedding? Or is your dress edged in black or have black accents? This black pair of heels are really stylish.
But if you want brighter colors they have pinks, orange, you name it. So visit Nike's site and see what suits your wedding day.



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