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Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting The Designer Look - For Your Shoes

Photo of Shoe clip from courtesy of Chuletin Designs

Chuletindesigns on  has some great shoe clips to add to your wedding shoes. The designer, Maria Eaton, is full of feathers and ribbons. Perfect for adding to wedding shoes! If you watch Maria's video below you'll get an idea of her dedication to fashion and to her customers--that would be you!

Feathers and lace: Fashion designer's heaven from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

Add these feathers and ribbons to your wedding shoes to give them that extra oomph! Be a fashion forward bride without paying couture prices!

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ChuletinDesigns said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you very much for including my shoe clips and my video in your wonderful blog. I'd love to offer that pair of shoe clips for a giveaway on your blog as a token of my gratitude. Looking forward to hear from you. You can send me a message to my email