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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Photo posted on Wedluxe

Are you in love with orchids but dreading the idea of a huge heavy bouquet? Try this lighter version of it's heavier sister shown below.  

It doesn't have all the extraneous flowers some cascade bouquets do, and it also should cost you about half as much! Face it, sometimes it's not all about cost, but what bride wants to be dragged down by two tons  of flowers? (OK so I exaggerate a little!) I'd choose the top bouquet any day!

As a bride who carried a cascade bouquet, I have personal experience to draw on here.  Also if you are having orchids, be sure an have your florist make you a silk bouquet to toss, orchids don't survive slamming onto the floor or being grabbed at by "all the single women."

Love the wrap of glitz the top lighter bouquet shows too.  The top bouquet is five stems of orchid with an added plume of white feathers. Nice combo! Not usually a feather person but I like them here. What do you think? Bouquet 1 or bouquet 2? Leave me a comment!

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