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Friday, September 23, 2011

Braids on Brides

Braids on brides are elegant and traditional while at the same time offer the bride the opportunity to be individual and daring at the same time. 

Braids work on brides running the gamut from casual to conservative.  You'll find braids on brides marrying on the beach to brides having a wedding with white tie elegance and everywhere inbetween.

Braids can be your own hair or a worked in using a variety of faux braid options.  For some great pictures of braids on brides go to Sarah Houston's bridal blog.  Sarah shows you options but obviously you can find more braided brides at other sites like Braided Wedding Hairstyles and Vibrant Bride.  Vibrant Bride says many brides choose braids because of their " almost total lack of maintenance in the morning is one of the most voiced reasons for sporting these dos. They are just perfect on your honeymoon. Wake up looking just as good as on your wedding day." 

Looking for tutorials? If you're interested in a fishtail braid go to Bridal Musings for YouTube tutorials. Bridal Musings reviewed the top three braiding tutorials and has links for them all, the top one is posted with links to the runners up.

Who can wear braids? Braids are for any bride of any ethnicity.  Shorter hair or longer hair all hair lengths can work.  The bride can have braids but her bridal party can too, as well as her flower girl.  I adore braids on flower girls, they keep their hair need but look so grown up (which the flower girls love!)

Can you braid your own hair on your wedding day? Some styles are DIY but others will require the assistance of a hair professional.  I'd recommend having someone else do your braiding, even if it's your mom or maid of honor.  It's always easier to get an elegant look when you aren't braiding yourself. 

Let me know which styles you love or hate.  I'd love to hear your feedback.

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