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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do You Really Want A Goth Groom? Or Why Watching Twilight Might Be More Romantic Than Living It

Goth Groom? Vampire Weddings? Really? I know, I'm getting old.  I must be out of it.  The appeal of Goth looks, vampire movies complete with weddings (Please! Do NOT make me go see Twilight or any version thereof!), handfasting or blood pacts with your dark prince... I just don't understand the appeal!  I can't imagine anything more high maintenance than a man who wears a lot of makeup (often more than I do) and whose wardrobe resembles something I'd only wear on Halloween.  Do I find these men romantic? No way! Do I want to touch anyone who wears that much hair gel? Ych! But I guess these guys wouldn't be too interested in me either!

But give it some serious thought before you plan your whole wedding around a Goth or Vampire theme--thirty years from now you'll look at your wedding pictures and gasp "WHAT WAS I THINKING! WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE STOP ME!" So I'm telling you now--STOP! THINK! And don't blame me if you decide to do it anyway! 

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