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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Black Tie Guide Explains Menswear For Your Wedding

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Do we need an explanation of black tie? The Black Tie Guide thinks many men DO need a guide. Why? Because unfortunately many grooms today rely on what they see in the media.  Zap to those memories of men on the red carpet at the Oscars.  Some with no tie, some with shirts open down to their waist, some wearing bolos, some with the tie untied and hanging down or other black tie attrocities.  Obviously black tie DOES need to be defined for the uninformed.

Are you or your groom confused about all the terminology for menswear for your wedding? Head over to The Black Tie Guide web site. Not only does The Black Tie Guide define and explain black tie terminology and proper black tie etiquette, they explain the history of black tie dress.

Should you choose black tie, white tie? What does it all really mean? And if you're planning a morning wedding what should your groom wear? I was amazed at all the details involved--I think you will be too.  Visit The Black Tie Guide to help you plan appropriate dress for your wedding.  

Best of all for some grooms the guide explains how to tie your bow tie! Something that seems to elude so many. Their best tip? When you're practicing they suggest familiarizing yourself with the process without having to rely on a mirror.  You can do this by practicing how to tie the bow tie around your thigh instead of your neck.  Why would you do this? Because you neck and thigh have approximately the same circumference but your thigh is where you can see it without using a mirror.  Print out The Black Tie Guide's instructions but turn the tutorial upside down so you can get a better handle on how it will feel when you tie it under your chin.  Sheer genius!

In addition, The Black Tie Guide has a link to Sam Hober Custom Made Neckties web site that shows you how to fold a perfect pocket square--no groom worth his salt wants to rely on those tiny triangles attached to a piece of cardboard in his tuxedo pocket!

Visit The Black Tie Guide's web site and learn everything you wanted to know about black tie and other formal events as well as some interesting historical information.  And remember what Oscar Wilde said, "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." So take the time to be sure your formal wear helps you carry it off.


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