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Monday, September 12, 2011

For The Bride With A Wild Side--Lucky Strikes Again!

Are you a bride with a wild side? Or just a bride who is looking for some comfortable shoes to wear while she dances the night away? Visit Lucky Brand online ONLY to order these great shoes.  (They also come in bronze and red) No longer are brides relegated to wearing boring and uncomfortable silk or satin high heeled shoes on their wedding day that they'll NEVER wear again.  Now brides are choosing more and varied footwear. 

What footwear are brides with flair wearing? Everything from cowboy boots, to Converse sneakers, to primary color heels or flats or these wild Leopard print ballet flats. Each bride can express her individual taste as she walks down the aisle or dances till midnight.  Will you be wearing adventurous shoes on your wedding day? Do you love footwear with flair? Tell us all about it!

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