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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Leaf Box For Favor--Buy It Ready Made or DIY?

Aren't these leaf box favors perfect for your fall wedding? They just scream elegance AND 'TAKE ME HOME.' There is nothing worse than at the end of your wedding finding all those favors you slaved over and took days and days choosing have been left behind by your wedding guests.  These decorative favor boxes not only pick up your fall wedding theme but their beauty adds to your wedding decor.  Creative, elegant, and they add glamour--what more could you ask? I always like giving favors that do double duty as decorative items.  These certainly fit the bill.  Fill them with your favorite candy or other food favor item and tie it up with a luxe satiny ribbon to give your wedding a luxury look without breaking the bank.  If you're a DIY'er you could probably make similar boxes on your own with a decorative stamp and some great inks and boxes from your favorite craft store (be sure to look for weekly coupons and discounts).  Party City stocks these favor boxes but you can also pick them up online (thank you Google!)

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