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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garage Sales Can Boost Your Wedding Budget and Ten Items To Sell In Your Garage Sale

Every bride and groom has a budget, most of them are stretched pretty thin and there's always room for a little bit more money in it.  One way to raise money is to have a garage sale.  What should you put in a garage sale?

Ten Things To Sell In A Yard Sale:
  1. If you haven't used it in a year, or worn it in a year, there's a good chance it's garage sale material. 
  2. If you or your kids have grown out of clothes, it's time to sell them.  If you have some old costume jewelry toss it in the sale, or take it to the local vintage store.
  3. Did you just buy a new bike? new lawn mower? new dresser? new lamp? Sell your old ones and add the cash to your kitty.
  4. Do you have kitchen gadgets that you don't use?  My last garage sale I sold extra crock pots (for some reason I had three, plus the one I kept), other kitchen electrics, old pots and pans, old microwaves etc.  Please be sure all items are newly washed.
  5. Do you have old TVs? There's always a chance that someone will want those, so put them out but be sure you have an electrical hookup so you can show that they work.
  6. Too many DVD players? (My husband had FIVE, our next sale at least three are going!) This doesn't count his Blue Ray players.
  7. Old tools--when I first bought my house I scoured garage sales for tools.  If you've been to the hardware store lately you know just how expensive those things are, at a garage sale you can snag gardening tools, items for your tool kit etc. for next to nothing.
  8. Have an old printer or scanner you replaced just because you wanted a new one? Put the old ones in a garage sale instead of tossing them out.
  9. The word 'Collectible' is often used to suck in buyers.  Only use this word if you really have something collectible.  Of course whether this counts old McDonald's Disney figurines--only you can decide.  Yes, some people DO collect these, but I'd list them as toys not collectibles.
  10. Toys are always a good selling item.  Keep in mind if you're a bride and groom your toy collection is likely from your childhood and MAY have real collectible value, you might be better off on eBay. With clothing you might get a better return at a local vintage store or on eBay. 
Planning Your Garage Sale:
  1. Check with your parents and in laws, chances are they've accumulated even more 'junk' than you have that they'd be willing to 'donate to the cause' as it were as long as you're willing to pick it up and take it away. 
  2. Check with your town, some towns have 'Garage Sale Day' where the whole town is out garage sailing--sometimes this will get you more traffic.  Also consider having a block yard sale.  This gives your shoppers one stop parking and a whole street to shop. 
  3. Don't forget about posting online.  Consider signage to direct people to your home as well as ads in your local paper.  Be careful not to overspend on ads--the idea IS to make money.
  4. Consider having a two day sale.  You've gotten all this stuff together, why not try to sell as much as possible?
  5. If you live in a condo or apartment check with the office.  They may have rules AGAINST having garage sales.
Now you're ready to try to add to your budget, it's time to start picking through your 'stuff'.
I'm sure everyone has still more ideas of what to put in a garage sale, or other ways to raise money to pay for a wedding, post in the comments and I can cover it in another post.

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