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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trashing The Dress--Or Why You Don't Want To Spend A Fortune On A Gown

Trashing your dress is one of the hot new trends in wedding photography.  Photographer John Michael Cooper coined this phrase that has parents everywhere throwing up their hands. If you'd like to see some of his photos visit his website. Would you spend $5000 on a gown only to wear it once and then roll around in the sand and sea in it?  Many brides today have adopted this 'day after' tradition and photographers have jumped in as well. 

Where are brides going to trash their dresses? Beaches and the ocean are favorites of brides who live in coastal regions, but water of any kind combined with mud is popular when the ocean is not available.  Brides have trashed their dress in swamps, fountains, and some others yet have burned (I DO NOT recommend this) or spray painted their gowns.  When it comes to trash the dress photos the only parameters seem to be 'anything goes.'  It seems the only limit to trash the dress is your imagination and your photographer's skills and finding an incredible location. Each year the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) plays host to many photography contests, the Trash the Dress category is one of the most popular.

If your daughter is getting married and is planning to 'destress' the day after her wedding by trashing her dress, be sure to put it on the list of things SHE is paying for!

Far better options exist if brides want to get rid of their wedding gowns so they don't sit in the attic.  Brides can consider donating their dresses or re-selling them after their wedding day.

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