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Friday, September 23, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses by Leonie Oakes -- Wearable Art

Having a garden wedding and can't find the perfect dress for your flower girl? These flower girl creations by Leonie Oakes are the flower girl dresses with a difference, they are wearable art. 

Oakes is a bookbinding teacher in Tasmania whose work was shown at the Handmark Gallery in Australia.  I found her designs highlighted on the Wicked Halo site--bookmark the site, it's full of great inspiration for anyone planning a unique event. She designs clothes using fragments of books and broken text to give you a glimpse of the past without telling the whole story.  The dresses are charming and unique.  Almost makes you want to pay for the dress yourself so you can have it to admire after your wedding! 

These dresses just shout 'great for photos'.  If you look at her show, you'll see she has different dresses in a variety of designs.  I am in love with Leonie's wearable art! Of course they come with a price tag but this is art I'd love to dip into learning more about.  If you can't afford her originals use these dresses as inspiration for making your own flower girl dresses.  They may not be quite as high end, but the look is what you're after!

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