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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wedding Lighting

Photo courtesy of The Gardenista
Lighting for your wedding can be tricky if you are having your wedding and/or reception outdoors. Solviden makes solar lights which mean no cords running across lawns or through gardens, perfect for times when you have a party or wedding outdoors. I love the top string of lights above from Solviden (sold at Ikea). Perfect for winding around trees or columns outside.
Photos courtesy of The Gardenista
Another trick for lighting outdoors are these garden globes (also from Solviden) and also solar powered. Light the edges of walkways, gardens or even the aisle where you are having your wedding ceremony. The great thing about these lights, you can use them again later for other parties, they're not just for weddings. Check out other products by Solviden sold at Ikea or online too.

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