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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planning A Wedding Shower--The Mad Mex Way!

We all know how busy everyone is today, not just the bride, but her bridal party as well, which means planning a wedding shower is going to be tricky. Getting everyone to the same place, at the same time and providing enough food, drink etc.  Why not consider getting take out trays from your favorite restaurant?  Hint: See logo below!

We had dinner at Mad Mex in Willow Grove PA last night (near the Willow Grove Mall) and picked up a take out menu on the way out--as I flipped through it I found a bonanza on the back of the menu--TAKE OUT TRAYS of Mad Mex's favorites! Oh yeah! The fast, easy and great tasting way to pull together the food for the bride's shower.  (Just an aside, the food rocked and our waiter Rod kept the drinks flowing and met our every need.  Thanks Rod!)

Mad Mex Willow Grove offers a selection of 'Mad Party Trays' and 'Mad Packs' offering everything from burritos, to tacos, quesadillas, Mad Mex wings, Supa Mega Picadippa, taquitos, chili and soup, salads and rice and beans.  The 'Mad Packs' have chips, salsa, wings OR salad, and a variety of Mad Mex quesadillas or burritos.  Anything you could possibly want from Mad Mex except their signature margaritas.  Those you can make on your own.  To make your own frozen margaritas for the shower just rent a margarita machine.  Your other drink option? A few cases of Mexican beers on ice. 

All of it, fast, easy, and fun food! Now just send out invites, decorate, pick up a cake, and you and the bride can just sit back and enjoy the shower.  WTG!  Mad Mex just streamlined your wedding shower planning!

Favors from Pricewise Favors

Need some more ideas for a Mexican wedding shower? Try Carrots 'n' Cake or The Perfect Bridesmaid.  All photos except Mad Mex Logo from Carrots 'n' Cake or Pricewise Favors.

**The author was provided with dinner for two to promote Mad Mex using social media. The opinions are her own and not influenced by the corporation or restaurant management.

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