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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hatch My House (HMH) is an interactive online gift registry where the bridal couple can 'design their own home' and start saving for a down payment or have guests give them money toward home improvements or furnishings.  Guests donate a dollar amount and earmark it for 'a new front door' or 'new lamps' or 'a new window.'  Hatch My House is a practical way for guests to give the bridal couples the gifts they really want or need.  In this day where couples live on their own or together for several years before they get married Hatch My House is a practical way to help them move toward home ownership or help them update the house they already own.

Hatch My House lets users donate money using the safety of Paypal.  With Paypal your gift to the bridal couple through Hatch My House is 'safe as houses.'  As a wedding guest you no longer have to worry if your gift arrives in good condition or on time. 
Hatch My House currently serves more than 330 accounts. Their transactions total more than 1000 with a dollar value of over $150,000. Thanks to exposure in Brides Magazine and on the Daily Candy web site, Hatch My House is growing quickly.
Think about using Hatch My House as your wedding registry, your house will thank you! 

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