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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What? You're Drinking PAINT?

Photo of Paint Can Wines from PSMM Cyber Monday Party
 courtesy of JoLynne at Musings of A Housewife

Drinking paint? I don't think so, instead this is the clever new packaging for wine by PDX Vineyards.  I must admit, it's one way I never thought I'd see wine packaged! The French must be having a coronary! Southern Chester County's Paradox Vineyard presents wine without pretense and wine in a paint can fits that bill perfectly.  The owners are all doctors who actively work in the fields and the winery. Something I suspect their parents never expected their children would be doing when they sent them to med school!

Paradox bottles their premium wines in 'normal' bottles but they also package five varieties of wine in their famous (or is that infamous?) paint cans.  This unique way of packaging wine was developed by Paradox.  Each can has a push button spout making it easy to serve your guests.  Every can contains 4.5 standard bottles of wine (3.5 liters). 

The company's newest store "PDX Wine Ship & Cafe" is located at 879 Baltimore Pike #B, Kennett Square PA.  Their other location is the PINOT Boutique at 227 Market Street in Old City, Philadelphia PA. 

For more information about Paradox Vineyard, directions and operating hours, please visit their web site or call 610-255-5684.

Paradox was nice enough to provide some 'cans' of wine for the PSMM Cyber Monday party at Dave & Buster's last week that I attended.  The Philly Social Media Moms, a.k.a. PSMM, are a highly influential group of women in the tri-state Philadelphia area who write blogs or have resource websites and who actively participate in a variety of forms of social media both local and national. If you're looking for a way to promote your products these ladies have mastered the art of getting the word out. Many of them are happy to run giveaways for your products as long as they 'fit their blogs.'  These are women with power on the net!

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