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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful Ballet Shoes At Your Wedding

Brides, bridesmaids and guests alike all can enjoy comfortable footwear when they buy themselves their first pair of Tieks. Wear Tieks for style or wear them for comfort, these foldable ballet flats are the favorites of stars like Oprah Winfrey and Katie Holmes, busy women on the go who value their combination of comfort and style. 

What are Tieks? To quote their web site "Tieks are Fashionable, full-time flats that fold to fit in a small purse." They are shoes to go--to go to work, to play, or just to hang around in, Tieks make your feet go 'Ahhhhhhh!' 

Tieks come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs, all with their trademark blue stripe down the heel.  Tieks are the go anywhere shoe for the woman on the go who has style. The back of  your Tieks are cushioned for comfort, none of that uncomfortable elastic you find in less well designed brands. 

Bridesmaid in metallic gold Tieks

Of course comfort isn't inexpensive, expect to pay $155 and up for a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli, but you'll find the amount of wear you get out of them will be well worth it.  Why buy a fancy pair of Manolo's for your wedding that are 'wedding white and fancy' when you can have a pair of Tieks that you can pair with anything in your closet. What can't you do in Tieks by Gavrieli Leather Flats? The sky's the limit (well, not quite!)... my only suggestion is they aren't really built for rock climbing, marathons or skydiving! They're sturdy but why chance it?

Clover Green Tieks with Short White Wedding Dress

Tieks have a brown leather outersole that is treated and then specially coated for flexibility. This  makes it more sturdy and durable than normal full-grain leathers. The top of  their high end Tieks are made from a single piece of 100% premium, top-grain leather that is super soft and comfortable for your feet. Italian leather, need I say more? Pasta, cookies, gloves, shoes and hot men, all Italian specialties!

Photo from 'O' Magazine August 2011 Issue

Tieks says 'the upper is designed to wrap around the foot to slim and elongate it.' Perfect for the bride with a wider looking foot. We'd all like to think we have dainty feet, but the fact is most of us don't.  (Says she looking down at her size 10's!)

Tieks have a non-skid patches and a cushioned instep to ensure comfort all day long. Their thick padding of 'space foam' cushioning at the heal gives you a comfortable heel strike.  So whether it's those first steps down the aisle, the last steps of the final dance at your reception, or the days you spend sightseeing in Rome on your honeymoon, your Tieks will take you there and back in comfort and style.  (Now you see just why they're worth the investment!)

Visit their Boutiek online at their web site.  Tieks make shopping easy, shipping is always free, even for returns (in the United States).  So your satisfaction is guaranteed, just buy and try them, I bet they don't get many back! 


Marissa, After Flats said...

These Foldable Ballet Shoesare amazing! love wearing heels without these flats my feet would hurt anything!

She & He said...

Thanks for the comment marissa!