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Friday, December 2, 2011

Pay For Your Wedding With Ho Ho Ho's

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Brides and grooms alike (not to mention the parents of both of them) are being hit by the economic crunch and paying for a wedding is getting harder and harder.  One way you can easily pick up some cash is by moonlighting as Santa (yes, that's right, I said SANTA).  The Christmas season is rife with opportunities for the would be Santa (or Mrs. Claus) or Christmas elves to pick up some quick cash to stash in the account designated for wedding expenses. 

OK, stop laughing, and look into just how much money you can make as Santa or one of the other holiday characters that are hired every year.  Presuming you have a regular 9-5 job already, you're looking for a gig that's at night or on the weekend.  Too bad because working at the mall for the Christmas season can net you $10,000-$15,000 dollars.  GASP!

But before you run out deciding this job is for you, most malls, temp agencies, civic groups or other groups hiring you need you to either have the look naturally or be good with wigs, fake beards, makeup, and padding. Be prepared to show up at your interview in character. 

Thinking you're too thin, beardless, or just not fitting the Santa stereotype? Consider applying for the job of Mrs. Claus or a Christmas elf.  Those don't appeal? How about being Frosty or Rudolph? If it's a Christmas character someone is likely hiring them! Part time Santa's who work corporate parties or other events can make anywhere from $200-$1000 per event.  Some make $100 per hour.  Check out companies like GigMasters.

Training for this Christmas job can be found at the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC). Choose a reputable school with a good track record if you're signing up for training. 

You can find more details on gigs as Santa all over the web. But be aware, hiring starts in July/August so if you're looking for gigs this year you may have missed the boat.  The good news is malls and other organizations also hire theme characters and Easter Bunnies! The jobs are out there, it just takes a little creativity to find one so you can build your wedding nest egg.

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