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Friday, December 23, 2011

Cardinal Hollow Winery -- Exotic Wine For Your Wedding

Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery in North Wales, Pennsylvania is a local winery offering oenophiles and the uninitiated wine drinker alike something to savor. With more than 25 different wines available for tasting and for sale, from $11 to $50 a bottle, Cardinal Hollow has a wine for everyone and for any price point. 

What else does Cardinal Hollow have to offer?  Their tasting rooms offer more than just a taste of some really spectacular wines.  They have a full selection of wine accessories like: bottle stoppers, gift bags or boxes, bottle openers, fun t-shirts and lots of great wine related gifts.  So if you're headed to a New Year's Eve party and wanted something new and different to take along, head out to Cardinal Hollow and pick up a bottle or two for a hostess gift. Addresses for their stores are here

What kind of wine does Cardinal Hollow make?  They have a full selection of  Mead which is 100% dry fruit wines, everything from strawberry to mango to blueberry.  A selection of red wines are also available, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Meritage and more.  Whites your wine of choice? Get the ever popular Chardonnay or try some of Carolyn's Sweet Nectar or some of their other choices.  Dessert wines your favorite? Try some Vidal Ice Wine, Tawny Port or Blackforest (cherry w/chocolate, I mean who doesn't love that?)  And if you're looking for a conversation starter?  Pick up some Jalapeno Wine either Hot or Dry.  Both come with four whole peppers in every bottle.  Kind of like the worm in the tequila? 

I met the folks from Cardinal Hollow at 263 Marketplace in Warminster PA where I was fortunate enough to have a chance to sample some of their best wines.  Once you finish tasting some great wines visit some of the other great vendors at 263.  Cardinal Hollow is right near the front door but don't miss some of the other vendors at 263 Marketplace. They range from food vendors to vintage vendors to some really great homemade sausage at The Sausage Factory or some crab cakes at Crabby Jeans.  Or find some great children's toy and books at Lambkins or buy Lenox or get your eyebrows threaded. 263 has quite a selection!  And just so the men won't be bored while the ladies shop there's a great sports memorabilia shops.  A can't miss for men.  Check their website for coupons before you go!

You can have wines shipped to your home from Cardinal Hollow's web site.  But half the fun is going and spending some time tasting and choosing your favorites and seeing 'what's new?' Let me know how you like your Cardinal Hollow wines, and what your favorite was!  Then tell me how you liked that fabulous sausage-I know we took home some!

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