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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bella's Dress Gets Raves from More Than Just Twi-hards or What To Wear When You Marry A 110 Year Old Man?

Marrying a 110 year old man? You face that age old question, what to wear, what to wear?  If you're Twilight's Bella you solved the problem by choosing a dress designed by Carolina Herrera that had clear design links to the last century. 

I was fascinated when I came across a blog post by Alexandra from Bride's Head Revisted discussing Bella's wedding wear.  Evidently when Emily saw Bella's dress in Twilight she immediately recognized Carolina Herreras' design as being influenced by two of the heavy weights in design in the 20th century, Elsa Schiaparelli and Yves Saint Laurent (Bride's Head Revisited is owned by Alexandra Augustine and her partner Emily Martin, a fabulous pair of young designers of accessories for your wedding who are heavily influenced by historical fashions.)

Alexandra says on their blog: 'So, when the long awaited "Twilight" wedding dress finally made an appearance Emily e-mailed me the famous 1970 image of the lace-back dress by Yves Saint Laurent."

Yves Saint Laurent dress, model wearing a hat a la Elsa Schiaparelli

She also noted the obvious inspiration by 1940's fashions from designer Elsa Schiaparelli who clearly was a strong inspiratioin for Yves Saint Laurent.  (My personal opinion, Elsa Schiaparelli had atrocious taste in hats!) 
Photo of Schiaparelli

Personally, I am just relieved that I'll never have to wear that HAT! The dress is another matter entirely. Whatever you say, whoever designed them, those two dresses with the backs to die for are a perfect example of when fashion becomes art. Kind of like the items designed by the owners of Bride's Head Revisited.

Be sure to check out Bride's Head Revisited's most recent offerings, you will totally fall in love!  You can shop Bride's Head Revisited online or they have a list of boutiques that carry their line. The flagship store address of Bride's Head Revisited is at 1123 Broadway, between 25th & 26th Street, Suite 1001, New York NY if you're from the area or are up for a road trip.

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