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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Newly Engaged! Congrats!

If you're one of the millions of women who got engaged today, Congratulations!  This is the beginning of a journey in a special part of your life. 

For today, enjoy basking in the glow of young (or not so young) love.  Tomorrow is soon enough to start planning.  And of course, subscribing and reading WDW. (And my other bridal blogs you'll find at the lower right that are more specialized. Everything from photography to do it yourself projects to Italian Weddings, decorating, cakes, children in weddings and more.)

 I look forward to providing everything from serious input to comic relief for you as you and your partner plan your wedding. Oh and pass the links along to your parents, it's an easy way to illustrate just where you'd like to go with your wedding.  (And sometimes when things get tense, send on one of the comic relief posts... you can always tell your mom, look it could be worse, look at this!) Yes, some posts are there just to break up the tension that builds with planning, so enjoy!

Wishing you happy wedding planning and a life filled with love. 

Nancy Ross Vecchione
(Editor, Writer, WDW Wedding Day Weekly)

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