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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fur Shrug For Your Wedding - Oh You Thought It Was For The Bride? Nope!

This came from my email, can't remember who sent it, if anyone knows
please let me know so I can link it.  Thanks.

OK, now I've seen it all (no, I shouldn't say that because who knows what will show up tomorrow or the next day!) But this tiny fur shrug designed for it's equally tiny owner to wear in the dog's owner's wedding boggles the mind!  Or at least it boggles mine. 

I know, I know, people are spending a fortune to 'dress their dogs,' but ... let's just say you won't find me buying shrugs for chihuahuas.  It just hit me, I wonder how many of them were in the bridal party...two dogs, three? Totally warped!  If you find I haven't posted in a few weeks, you'll know this photo has sent me round the bend to a padded room reserved for wedding bloggers!


faux fur shrugs said...

Is it a fake fur? Because faux fur are handcrafted for weddings and formal events. But your dog wearing a fur makes her just like a bride.

She & He said...

Love the faux shrug though! And she's definitely a formally attired pet! Her white coat is faux, her dog coat is not .