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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have a Popcorn Bar at Your Wedding

We've all seen the candy and sweet bars, mashed potato bars, gelato bars, and a dozen other versions of the serve yourself specialty bars for weddings.  But Joe and Seph's popcorn brings us to the newest bar, the popcorn bar.  Popcorn isn't just covered with butter and salt anymore!

Joe and Seph's, the gourmet chef and the connoisseur of all things delicious, bring you a variety of popcorn flavors sure to please your palette and make your taste buds pop! No simple butter and salt flavors, no, Joe and Seph provide the gourmet popcorns consumers will devour and come back begging for more. 

What flavors you ask?  How exciting can you make popcorn?  Just try some of these: white chocolate and strawberry, pesto popcorn, panettone, lime and chile, lemon, black pepper and black onion seed, honey and hazelnut and date and sesame. Salivating yet? Order some of these specialties from this British company and have a popcorn bar at your wedding. Other flavors that were available from Harrod's are: Chocolate Caramel, Caramel, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Cinnamon, Honey and Hazelnut, Pepper and Chilli, Goats Cheese with Black Pepper, and Irish Cheddar cheese. You just never know what the next new flavor will be and the journey it will take your taste buds on! 

Don't take a chance on missing out on the next gourmet excursion for your taste buds, order each new flavor as it comes out from their web site

You can order jars (shown above) from their web site for £36.99 including shipping to the United States.  For those of you lucky enough to live in Great Britain £24.99 (included shipping), Europe £29.99 (with shipping).  The popcorn is also available in smaller amounts and without the great jar. 

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