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Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Lace Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Once Wed

White lace is everywhere at your wedding so why not have a white lace wedding cake? The photo above shows a way to incorporate wedding favorites of lace and pearls in your wedding cake. I love the details on this cake that are similar to those in a wedding dress or the edging on a bridal veil. Every bride should have a cake that reflects her special look on her special day. This one is it!

all-white-lace-wedding-cake.jpg (470×538)
Photo courtesy of In The Cac, Real Maine Weddings

Love the look below with the tiny buttons detailed on the cake as well. No matter how intricate a cake you are looking for, a lace motif can add that something special to your wedding day.

lace-wedding-cakes-designs.001.jpg (600×450)
Photo courtesy of Weddings By Lily

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