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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tattoos For Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Bride Talk

One of the newest trends for weddings are temporary tattoos especially among the Gen Xers. Whether you use a full blown colorful tattoo with hearts and flowers or a simple scrolled word saying "love" or "smitten," tattoos are a fun way to make your wedding day stand out. You can also get a permanent tattoo for your wedding.

Some brides and grooms opt for tattoo wedding rings. These rings can be either temporary tattoos or permanent ones. To see a variety of 43 different ring tattoos check out Weddingomania. You are sure to get a good feel for ring art on this site.

Photo courtesy of Younique Wedding

Thinking temporary tattoos are going to cost you a lot? Nope. You can either make your own using your home computer and printer and temporary tattoo paper or you can purchase some from a variety of websites. Permanent tattoos vary, check with your local tattoo artist.

Photo courtesy of Dooley Noted Style

Weddings and tattoos pose a problem for some brides (and grooms) who prefer to cover them up for this solemn occasion. Other cultures encourage tattooing for religious reason or simply consider them a thing of beauty. Some people dislike them and associate them with people who live extreme lifestyles. For this reason some brides and grooms cover tattoos on their wedding day.

Brides can cover their tattoos with makeup or wear a dress that covers their tattoos. Yet other brides proudly show off their body art. There are also tattoo removing kits. But if you love your body art, temporary coverage might be your best bet. You can of course try to remove your tattoo completely using chemicals, skin grafts, or lasers. Some of these are painful choices so research it thoroughly before making a permanent decision.

So whether you are a bride and groom choosing to get a tattoo as a couple or trying to hide one you already have, there are a variety of ways and different price points to choose from.

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