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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Budget Lace Flats

il_340x270.376951140_q18i.jpg (340×270) 
 Photo courtesy of Mother Of The Bride

Looking for some budget priced lace flats? Do you love these high end flats but don't have the budget for them? I do too, but I see no reason to pay major money for a pair of white flats with some lace added. These shoes (by Jimmy Choo) are perfect for a bride who wants to wear flats but with a little work you can transform inexpensive white flats into still pretty AND affordable shoes, for the bride, a flower girl or for little girls who are celebrating their First Communion. 

Pick up some inexpensive flats at Payless or other lower end shoes store and glue your favorite lace to the shoes. Be sure you don't buy shoes with a dark bottom. If you are a bride you can probably match the lace on your dress and order some when you order your wedding gown if you want everything to match perfectly. 

I love these romantic looking flats. They have pretty lace but are still affordable if you add the lace to a simple pair of plain white flats. As a woman who loves saving money, I give these five stars!

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