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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

White Chocolate Cherries

White chocolate dipped cherries
Photo courtesy of Simple Provisions

Looking for a change from chocolate covered strawberries? Why not try white chocolate covered cherries with silver dragĂ©es? This gorgeous accent melds candy with fruit and shows off the deep red of the cherries, the white chocolate and the off-white sugar pearls. To find the recipe go to Simple Pleasures. They offer a step by step set of directions that are easy to follow.

These aren't hard to make and you can easily make them ahead of time for a wedding or other special occasion. Depending on where you live, if cherries are in season for the Christmas holidays, these almost look like little holiday ornaments. 

Keep in mind, you can pit these ahead of time and fill the hole where the pit was with a white chocolate chip or liquid white chocolate. I'd prefer not to have to have my guests having to pit the cherries as they eat them, but I do like the stem left on for ease of serving. They also make a great hostess gift. So enjoy!

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