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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gift Shopping for a Hard to Get (For) Husband

Photo courtesy of Red Envelope
It's time to gift shop for that hard to get (for) husband! What to buy? Let's face it, gift shopping can be hard and it only gets harder when you really care about that special someone you're shopping for. And now that you're married you have a very special someone to shop for. How do you find the perfect gift for a meaningful occasion? Anniversaries can be one of the most difficult occasions to shop for. You are commemorating your happy memories together and you want to make it count. No pressure, right?
By the time you are in a committed relationship, you are not playing hard to get anymore--but you have realized that anniversary gifts are just about the hardest thing to choose. These suggestions should give you some great ideas for your partner.
For The Aspiring Top Chef
Are you married to a future Top Chef? Or does your partner love all things Food Network? Are they constantly trying new recipes and frequenting farmers markets? Indulge your favorite cook's love of food and fun this anniversary.
For your wannabe Top Chef, sign up for a cooking class together. He'll love having the opportunity to work side by side in the kitchen in a fun and engaging class--one that won't challenge you too much, but will bring you outside your comfort zone to make something new and exciting. It will be memorable for both of you, and you are sure to get a good recipe or two out of it. Your cooking spouse might also love something personalized to use around the kitchen, like a cutting board that he can get some real use out of. Looking for more great ideas? Try browsing through Red Envelope, one of my favorite go to's for shopping for 'something special.'

Photo by Morgan Gray
For Mr. Outdoorsy
Did you fall in love with a guy who loves hiking and camping? Canoeing on the lake every summer and cross country skiing through the woods every winter? A great way to celebrate would be to plan a weekend getaway where you can spend some time together outdoors.
Taking time off from work to get away from your busy lives and enjoy each other's company doing what he loves could be the best gift for both of you. Rent a cabin or pitch a tent, sit by the campfire and share a few beers and a few stories--what could be better?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr 
For the Sporty Guy
Is your significant other a sports fanatic? Do you have a hard time tearing him away from ESPN to go our with friends? For your anniversary, try throwing  yourself into the sport he loves so  much. It is a gesture he is sure to appreciate. Go throw a football around the park as a family or catch a baseball game together, whether it is major or minor league, it's sure to be a hit. You wil make memories together around whatever sports field or arena your man loves, and it will mean a lot to him for you to take part in what he enjoys. If you go to a MLB game, you can even get your names on the big screen congratulating you on your big anniversary. And there is always the kiss cam--so look out and have fun!

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