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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time To Relax - Head to Mad Mex!

Every man or woman planning a wedding needs some downtime from all the insanity of wedding planning.  But with a tight budget it's hard to justify going out to lunch or dinner.  But Mad Mex is here to help you kick back and relax...and all for FREE!  Yes I said the 'F' word...FREE!  Ahhh! My favorite word! 

Yes, wild and crazy Mad Mex is opening a new location in Willow Grove PA where the food is funky fresh Cal Mex!  And they're offering preview lunches or dinners to select diners for FREE!!! Yes, you and up to 3 other people can enjoy lunch or dinner on the house on November 8, 2011. 

OK, stop screaming and jumping up and down, yes, I know you're excited! After all Mad Mex is... well just a little MAD(and just a little BAD!) So a bit of insanity goes with the territory. But before you lose it entirely head over to Mad Mex's facebook page and read on their Wall how to score those free meals!  Yes readers, there really is such a thing as free lunch, at least if you like California Mexican food and beer or 'bad azz margaritas.'  There is still space available but... you'd better call fast or you'll lose your seat!

Never eaten at Mad Mex you say? Here's the low down.  Mad Mex's chefs produce Cal Mex food that's a bit outside the box. How can a burrito be 'outside the box?' Consider Mad Mex's November special, THE GOBBLERITO! Yes, as the name and that photo above implies, it has turkey in it, but not JUST turkey. No, the geniuses at Mad Mex have added stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes to the turkey as well as some black beans and spices. No ho hum Mexican food here. This Thanksgiving styled burrito will get your taste buds revved up for upcoming Turkey Day! (Or if you can't make it to your family's house for Thanksgiving, Gobblerito is the perfect way to celebrate without all those messy pots and pans and so much leftover turkey you have to eat it for a year!)

Come meet all the other Mad Mex-ites in Willow Grove on November 8th and enjoy a free lunch/dinner on the house! See me there (yeah, I know, you just CANNOT wait for that treat) but do grab a free meal and margarita all your own!  YUM! I'll be there enjoying my 'freebie,' relaxing and taking in all the insanity!  (Oh yeah, and sipping a margarita... so I can tell you all about it when I get home!)

**The author will be compensated for writing about their opinion of Mad Mex by receiving the aforementioned 'free lunch/and or dinner'. All opinions are the authors' own and are an honest appraisal of the product or location or deal available.

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