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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naked Hokey Pokey® At Your Wedding?

Imagine your guests surprise! Naked Hokey Pokey at your wedding! Imagine the look on your grandmother's face! And Aunt Ida's face too as they see you're having Naked Hokey Pokey® at your wedding! Of course there are those who prefer it Milkey Wicked...which are you?

OK, enough fooling around, this isn't the version of the Naked Hokey Pokey you can find on YouTube (wow would that make for some memorable wedding photos!) but rather Naked Hokey Pokey® is a honeycomb product made by The Chocolate Society that you can enjoy plain (Naked) or covered with dark or milk chocolate.  Enjoy The Society's honeycomb product naked, or enrobed in dark or milk chocolate.  Unlike some companies, their honeycomb is made with REAL honey. Their Naked Hokey Pokey is a delicious and addictive treat and one your guests are sure to remember!

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