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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillows, The Glitzy Girls, From Maihar Design

Top Pillow: Abbey Ring Pillow with ivory/dark chocolate ribbon combination
Bottom Pillow: Allison Ring Pillow with ivory/mustard ribbon combination and Passionfruit flowers

Maihar Design, offers ring bearer pillows, the Glitzy Girls: named: Abbey, Allison, Amber, Claire, Maclaren and Zoe.
Top Pillow: Amber Ring Pillow with lilac/orchid ribbon combination and Lilac flowers
Bottom Pillow: Claire Ring Pillow with ivory/bluebonnet ribbon combination

Brides can choose to opt for no flowers, or select from an offering of six different silk flower colors (Amethyst, Lilac, Passionfruit, Pearl, Peony and Pumpkin). Additionally, a bride can color-coordinate from a selection of more than 20 grosgrain ribbons.  Now that's what I call choice!

Top Pillow: Maclaren Ring Pillow with pistachio/lime ribbon combination and Pearl flowers
Bottom Pillow: Zoe Ring Pillow with blush/bashful ribbon combination

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