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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bling Is The New Black

I was watching Hoda and KathyLee (well actually today it was Hoda and Kelly Pickler) but they had this great product, perfect for brides, from Bling Is The New Black. Their product 'Bling Your Bottoms' are a sheet of crystals that fit on the bottom of your high heels to flash some bling as you walk. Perfect for brides!

Bling Your Bottoms come in a variety of colors, blue, pink, lime green, gold, lavender and their trademark 'clear rhinestone/diamond look.' So be a Rhinestone Bride when you walk down the aisle!

BTW, check out Pickler's shoes! The woman is wearing heel-less shoes! Have no idea how she walks in them but she seems to be balancing just fine.


Bling Is The New Black said...

Thanks for posting! These are great for bridal parties and we can do discount orders for larger quantities, they come in black, clear, clear ab, pink, light pink, red, purple, aqua & blue or

Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

Thanks for the info! Always great to have a vendor reply!

tara haughton said...

Hi Nancy
great to see you are so involved in what you do keep up the fab work we need more women like you !!!!!
Hi I just want to make you aware of who I
First off my name is Tara Haughton from Ireland and I have invented the concept for this product, I have won four major awards for my product called Rosso Solini if you google my company name or my name you will see many of the blogs and articles that have been written about me

here is the link to my FB page

Here are a couple of you tube clips

And yes I have a bridal sole called something blue

here is the link

I love fashion and I am making my name as a designer and my aim is to bring unique fashion ideas to the market and help people recycle their fashion. do hope you dont mind me contacting you about this many thanks for reading this

Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

Thanks for the feedback Tara. I'm sure my readers will enjoy them.

Chris said...

Hi Nancy
Many thanks for the wedding blog I have posted it to my FB page so you are now reaching out to Ireland..

Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

Thanks Tara! Do love this social media!