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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hand Illustrated Invitations From Vigilante Paper

Photo of Green Garden Design courtesy of  Vigilante Paper
Are you a bride looking for non-traditional wedding stationary? You need look no farther than Vigilante Paper. Vigilante Paper offers hand illustrated stationary that has whimsical themes that aren't your typical cliche graphics. I wish they'd been around when I got married!

Vigilante was started when Olivia Suchman Joffrey, the founder and creative director saw the need to provide creative and artistic stationary at a non-custom price. She decided to offer "handmade looking, custom invitations at a reasonable price." Their invitations strive to avoid the 'too sweet for words' look of many invitations that make grooms want to head for the hills when looking at wedding invitations. Vigilante offers invitations that are offbeat, original and unconventional but still which are still pretty.

Vigilante strives for a custom look but with printing and ordering that is modern and efficient. The company's tagline "Custom....ish wedding invitations" hints at this hybrid of hand-made and high tech. They have the added appeal of costing up to 50% less than letterpress or engraved invitations. A real bonus for wedding couples looking to stick to their budget without sacrificing quality.

You can get a 'goodie bag' filled with samples of Vigilante's invitations for just $5. You can't appreciate their quality until you hold them in your hand--you'll fall in love. And isn't that what weddings are all about?

Head over to Vigilante's web site. Let me know which invitations you like the best.  If you order from Vigilante tell them Nancy from WDW(Wedding Day Weekly) sent you!

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