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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Every Wedding Needs Champagne

Photo courtesy of Erica's Sweet Tooth
Every wedding needs to serve champagne, so why not choose a unique way to serve it? Try these champagne jello shots topped with sanding sugar. Insert a decorative toothpick, featuring the colors of your wedding or maybe your monogram?
These are perfect for a home wedding where you have time to make these ahead of time and store them in your refrigerator.
Just a tip, if you are expecting the bubbles to survive being turned into jello, you'll be disappointed, but this is a great way to serve champagne (or even use up champagne for a day after party.)
Recipe adapted from Bakers Royale
15 jello shots


10 oz plus 5oz champagne (or prosecco or sparkling wine)
1 tablespoon sugar
3 envelopes Knox plain gelatin
White sparkling sugar (sanding sugar)


Put 10 ounces of your champagne and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a sauce pan. Sprinkle gelatin on top of the liquid. Place over low heat, stir about 2 minutes or until dissolved. Take off the heat and add the remaining champagne or prosecco. Stir until combined. Pour into a loaf pan and chill for an hour or more. Use a sharp bladed knife to cut the champagne jello into squares. Right before serving top with sanding sugar. Top with a decorative toothpick or serve in a decorative cup.

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