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Monday, August 19, 2013

Gifts For Weddings

Photo courtesy of Groupalicious

Looking for great gag gifts for the wedding couple to present at the reception? If you are the best man or maid of honor and are looking for the a gag great gift for the wedding couple why not pick up a set of his and her mini-mes? Austin Powers thought having his own mini-me was so groovy, so why not get a set for the bride and groom made in their likenesses? Nothing like a custom bobblehead presented at the reception to get the room laughing. Try presenting it after you give the toasts--everyone will be rolling in the aisles laughing!

Get a Bobble Head that is handcrafted with faces and features models after the bride and groom. Bobbles are made from photos submitted by the purchaser.  You can choose to make your mini statue a business executive, a pro golfer, a superhero, a rock 'n' roll artist and more, but if you don't find the perfect design, you can choose to custom-build your own bobblehead with a personalized body, pose, clothing, and scenery.

Groupalicious has a great deal that makes these usually expensive Mini-Mes a more affordable option. (Warning: this is a time limited deal and may have expired by the time you read this a year from now.)

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