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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cash In With A Second Job

Are you a bride who would like some extra money to spend on her wedding? Let me show you how.  So if you want that photo booth and don't have enough money, this is a feasible way to make that money. Or if you want a high end photographer or want to add a videographer but are on a tight budget, this can let you afford to have the photographer or videographer of your choice. Want a limo? Again, let me show you how you can make this happen. It's easy, it's fun and not expensive ($10.) to process your application.

If you are thinking it's a fly by night company or one of those 'make money from your home' deals that are a scam, it isn't. It's AVON! Yes, that's right, Avon. A company that's over 100 years old, so it's safe and you'll have the support you need to make your business take off. Sell to friends, family, co-workers or total strangers, it's your choice. Sell directly to people face to face, have book parties, fundraisers, have friends take your catalog to work with them. It's almost (dare I say it?) easy.

I'm not saying it won't involve putting in some time, but you can work at your own pace. So contact me about the Avon Opportunity. Just go to my webpage, and use the email function at the upper right and let me know you are interested.

If you haven't seen an Avon catalog lately I think you'll be surprised. It's not  your mother's Avon anymore. It's more than makeup.  It's skin care, clothing, jewelry, men's products, and their Kid's Club and Tiny Tillia. Come on, dip your toe in, bet you jump in both feet first and love it! Great people, great products and it's fun. What more can you ask of a job?

So if you are strapped from holiday shopping or for your wedding or just want to take a really nice vacation, call me. You know you want to. Who could resist?

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