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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peacock Theme Wedding Centerpiece By Design Master

Looking for a centerpiece for your peacock theme wedding? How about this simple basket with hydrangeas and peacock feathers. Simple, but effective, this design catches the eye without overwhelming. So many peacock theme centerpieces are overwhelming, while this one is attractive, catches the eye, without the viewer wanting to say "OMG, whose idea was that?"
Visit Design Master's website for other ideas for centerpieces for your wedding as well as tutorials on how to make your own centerpieces. For the look above DM suggests:
  1.  use 24KT Pure Gold and spray it into a crumpled paper towel and wipe over leaf surface. Re-spray into cellophane as needed. Let dry. This creates a gilded look on the foliage.
  2. Spray hydrangeas with Glitter Gold. Let dry.

Just enough glitz without being too much.


Nicole Buckingham said...

my goodness peacock feathers are so incredibly beautiful. love this.

I set this silly sort of goal to visit and follow, where I can and am not already, every mom on the December Bloggy Mom Hop list. It's slightly insane, although sweet to see how wonderfully diverse and incredibly smart and resourceful we all are. Geesh we're pretty stinkin' fabulous. =)

If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love for you to join me at Local Sugar Hawaii and we're sharing and growing together at An Aloha Affair this weekend. You are always welcome, Always.

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting Nicole! Hope you come back soon!