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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wedding Cakes With Inner Beauty

Cake photo from Hong Kong Fashion Geek cakes from Ms B's Cakery
Instead of a typical wedding cake why not try some individual cakes for each table that are show-stoppers? The cake above is one of my favorites. I love the layers of colors inside and my tongue is just dying to taste all those flavors blending together! The butterflies on top make it easy to decorate. All the hard work on this cake is on the inside.
Cake for Ms. B's Cakery/Photo from Hong Kong Fashion Geek
Having a black and white wedding? Why not serve these black and white checkerboard cake? Again, serve one per table or per several people, these cakes rely more on their inner beauty than fancy icing. This uses coconut and a simple black and white butterfly to make a statement.
What will you do for your wedding? Go traditional with a three tier wedding cake or try one of these interesting takes on delectable desserts?

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