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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Demetrios' Collection Will Make Your Feel Like A Princess On Your Wedding Day!

Looking for a dress with a ballgown style? Wedding gown designer, Demetrios, has a large selection on his web site. Shown above is a style from the Ilyssa collection, one of my personal favorites, but there are plenty of choices for every bride to choose her own personal look.
This elegant style looks like the perfect gown for a bride who wants style without going over the top and wearing something that is really 'out there.' Sometimes less is more. Not too much lace, ruffles etc. can be a real selling point for a dress especially for a petite bride.
This gown, sprinkled with glitter, is the perfect Cinderella look. You'll feel like a princess in all of these gowns. Visit your local Demetrios salon listed on their web site to try on their selection of dresses. Real Demetrios gowns are only sold in their salons.
Demetrios warns: "Buying gowns on the Internet is NOT authorized by Demetrios and the buyer does so at the risk of receiving an inferior product. Some brides who have ordered their gowns over the Internet have found that the gown they received was not an authentic Demetrios gown, the wrong color, damaged or the wrong size.Demetrios supports only the finest full service brick and mortar bridal salons so that we can ensure that our trained retail sales personnel will treat you with the attentive and knowledgeable service you deserve!" Just a heads up for anyone considering purchasing their gown on the Internet.

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