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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Shower Ideas

Photo courtesy of Giver's Log
Looking for a great way to up the look of the balloons for a wedding shower? Why not have double balloons? The wedding theme colors on the inside of a clear, polka dot balloon on the outside? Great look that takes the decorations up a notch from simple balloons from your balloon store.
Don't know how to make these? eHow tells you how to make them using a straw or chop stick to insert the smaller balloon inside the larger one and then blowing up the larger balloon first, finishing off with the smaller one and tying off.  Their tutorial is step by step and will make these professional looking balloons take your party to the next level.
Looking for some other polka dot theme party food to serve? Try visiting Pinterest where you'll find lots of links to websites with ideas for fun party ideas using polka dots.

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