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Thursday, January 17, 2013

KISS and Weddings

Photo courtesy of 312 Photobooth
Avoid some stress on your wedding day by KISS (no not kissing, though that's not such a bad idea) but by 'keeping it simple stupid.' Weddings today have become huge productions--photographers, videographers, DJs, bands, photobooths, games, mashed potato stations, dessert making stations, magicians and clowns, fancy chalkboard displays for the couple's names and for their seating charts, ice carvings, martini bars, and so on and so on and so on. All of this in addition to the usual flowers and other decorations. As a guest I'm tired before the night starts.

So I have one suggestion for the bride and groom planning a theme wedding--choose one great idea, like a photobooth, and do it really well. Add great costumes, hats, boas, signs to the photobooth. Use the photos as your favors. And don't add dancing bears and caricaturists to the mix! (OK, I'm kidding, I've never been to a wedding with dancing bears, just the idea of it spooks me.)

Dancing bear courtesy of Can Stock Photo

Go big with your one idea. It will be a much more powerful statement than if you scatter multiple ideas throughout your wedding and reception. The fewer little details you have to manage on your wedding day the more you and your groom can enjoy your day--and isn't that a big part of what you want for your wedding day? With a little careful planning (notice I said 'little') you can avoid overdoing it and have a tasteful wedding that rocks! So remember, KISS. (Yes both kinds!)

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